Julia Roberts’s birth was funded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

Roberts’ family accepted the activist’s children into their Atlanta acting school, thus the two sets of parents were acquainted. The shocking family story about Julia Roberts that explains her origins

Actress Julia Roberts made headlines last week after finding on an American show that she truly isn’t Julia Roberts .

Research by historian Henry Louis Gate of ‘Finding your Root’ found that her great-great-grandmother, Rhoda Suttle Roberts, had a relationship with another man in the years after her great-great-death. grandfather’s

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However, there are more elements of his life that are unknown. When asked by journalist Gayle King if a certain birth story was true, Julia Roberts verified it in October of last year.

“The King family paid my hospital fees,” the actress revealed. The Roberts family, who run an acting school in Atlanta, were acquainted with the King family since they welcomed the King children to their program after enrollment at other schools had proven extremely difficult owing to racial discrimination.


Julia Roberts tiene su propia crema y sabemos dónde encontrarla

The actress specifically mentioned how the activist and his wife, Coretta Scott King, did not hesitate to assist them. “The cost was too much for them. To put it simply, the King family bailed us out of a jam “In the course of the conversation, Julia Roberts provided some context.

A few months before Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, on October 28, 1967, the interpreter was born.

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