Kim Kardashian hits all the right notes with Bianca Censori, explaining why the businesswoman “hates” Kanye West’s new wife.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

We will never get tired of how amazing Kanye West is. This is a verifiable fact. The artist takes great pleasure in the fact that his expensive Nike sneakers are constantly the subject of scandal. And that is because he recently made international news for marrying his girlfriend, Bianca Censori, in a covert ceremony.

The fact that former TV churri Kim Kardashian can’t even read the name doesn’t make it any less obvious to her. We then place this sauce in its proper historical and cultural perspective.

Kim Kardashian Reportedly 'Hates' Kanye West's New Wife Bianca Censori


Censori was in charge of the architectural design for ‘Yeezy’ Brand during Kim and Kanye’s marriage. Kris Jenner’s children became the focus of her teasing because, according to ‘Page Six,’ Kris Jenner’s daughter Kendall Jenner became overly concerned in business matters that did not directly effect her.

Validation of the Model and Its Use “says he “hates her” and isn’t shocked that the rapper has a ring on Bianca’s finger because “And she [Bianca] is lovely. Kim despises all the gorgeous girls, “elucidates the source’s reasoning to the referenced medium.

Here's what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's have named their baby!

However, the premium resort ‘Amangiri,’ located in the Great Circle of National Parks and Monuments that houses the state from Utah, has been revealed as West and Censori’s honeymoon location by the ‘Daily Mail. To a bare minimum

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