In Miami, Issa Vegas and her big buttocks make an impression

Issa Vegas
Issa Vegas

There is hardly a day when Issa Vegas does not stop traffic with her dangerous and tiny beach clothes and now she boldly displayed again that she has great buttocks

What a manner Issa Vegas has to turn on social media, well, a couple of hours ago, in her most recent Instagram post, the famous once again left all her followers with their eyes wide open by allowing herself to be seen in a pareo and cap, displaying his powerful body.

Issa Vegas y su lencería que 'arrasa' en redes

Issa Vegas, as usual, left nothing to the imagination with this tiny attire, consisting of a two-piece mini suit for the beach, a transparent pareo hiding her plump hips a bit and adorning her head with a bright and exquisite bandana, without forgetting the dark glasses.

Issa Vegas shined in an afternoon of fun in the paradisiacal city of Miami, Florida, where this energetic woman has resided for some time, with a brilliant landscape full of trees, grass, nature, and under the intense rays of the sun., showing that his favourite style is barely dressed.

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The model posed in various ways for her fans in the many photographs that the famous Argentine uploaded on her Instagram account, which already has over nine million followers. She was seen from the front, displaying her flat and marked abdomen as well as her attractive features.

She also posed from behind, which is one of her favorite images, because it shows off and highlights her large and lovely rear guard, with which she always leaves more than one with their mouths wide, because she is simply one of her greatest physical attractions.

“Let’s dance until our feet hurt”, he wrote, while in the comments they have written things like: “You are very, rich, but you have a boyfriend”, “I love your photos, because without a filter they look better, they show what it really is ”, “What a perfect woman”, “Our feet will hurt from dancing so much”.

As she often does, the model expressed her emotions in these images, so she wrote a sincere devotion to someone, wishing for the day when she and he can dance until morning.

Consequently, Issa Vegas captured the hearts of many of his admirers once more, mesmerizing them with incredible positions, showing and showing off everything that God provided him and what men and women who follow him adore, precisely forever. More of her please.

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