Livia Brito from the garden demonstrates the best jeans style

Livia Brito 2
Livia Brito 2

From the backyard, the Cuban actress shows a pair of comfortable clothing in which Livia Brito never goes out of style.

The actress of novels such as “La Piloto,” “Triunfo del amor,” and others attracts the attention when she allows herself to be kidnapped from a garden where Livia Brito demonstrates that pants may be a superb fashion item.

Livia Britoo

Fashion has recently given way to more comfortable and roomy garments in a more relaxed style generated mostly from imprisonment, thus the ” Cuban ” did not resist wearing these garments through her books.

Livia Brito’s style has also changed, and her fitness lifestyle has made her a big fan of sports looks, thus through her official account, the protagonist of ” La Desalmada ” has become an inspiration by advocating a healthy living among his fans.

Livia Britos state of health worries after being hospitalized Instagram

The protagonist of “Nobody’s Woman” does not stop conquering more than one on the social network and presenting the effects of her tough routines with routines and some workouts that she did live with her sentimental companion.

Livia Brito Pestana is photographed in one of her images collapsed in a garden where she appears in red pants with a matching hoodie and pants, which also covered her from the temperatures, wearing mostly lycra ensembles.

VIDEO] ¿Por qué Livia Brito es acusada por un reportero de agresión física?

The emotions were not reserved for the model or the presenter of reality shows such as “Dancing for a Dream” (2014), among others.

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