Lizbeth Rodriguez appears to be a mermaid in a jacuzzi

Lizbeth Rodriguez
Lizbeth Rodriguez

Lizbeth Rodriguez cools off in the jacuzzi in a video for her followers while enjoying a beautiful floral setting.

In a romantic setting, the influencer Lizbeth Rodrguez was assumed to be enjoying the refreshing of a plunge, as she was inside a water-filled jacuzzi, dressed in a full black beach suit, showing her excellent curves and charms.


Noticias de Lizbeth Rodríguez en Fama

The host of ” Infieles ” added a few flowers to her surrounds, creating a beautiful spring-like mood, fresh, with flowers, and an experience that viewers will not be able to forget after witnessing the online celebrity in that position.

Lizbeth Rodriguez, who is causing a stir on social media with her new motions, took the chance to make some comments regarding the reality show “La Venganza de los Ex-VIP,” in which the ex-girl Badabun is a fan favorite.

Lizbeth Rodriguez de “Exponiendo Infieles” manda a los solteros a usar Chispa App en el Día de San Valentín - La Opinión

The host has had issues with other contestants, and they have even formed groups against her; yet, the famous has not been vanquished, and she simply continues to do what she does, which is have fun with the participants.

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