Did Belinda reject Ana Barbara? Angela Aguilar took advantage of it

With 22 years of experience, the singer Belinda would have missed a great opportunity that Ángela Aguilar knew how to take advantage of very well

Did Belinda reject Ana Barbara Angela Aguilar took advantage of it

Belinda, with 22 years of experience completed this year, would let go of great musical success that Ángela Aguilar would not let go of and would bring her great fame. What was the song rejected by the acclaimed Spanish?

Did Belinda reject Ana Barbara Angela Aguilar took advantage of it

A melody written by the composer, Ana Bárbara, was the theme that the singer, Belinda decided not to record at some point and that the young Mexican took advantage of very well.

After the “rejection” by the ” originally from Madrid “, another of her musical colleagues, Ángela Aguilar decided to take over the theme, which became one of her biggest hits.

Despite the fact that the “pop singer   would reject the melody that was called “Es en reality”, which would have come from the interpreter of “Bandido” so that the ” naturalized Mexican” would give her her own voice, however, the Ana Bárbara herself would confess: “Belinda gave her a lot of long”.

This was stated by the singer-songwriter herself during a press conference shared on the account of the user @chamonic on Instagram, in which she also “producer” hinted at the reasons why she chose Ángela Aguilar, although ” Beli ” would have already accepted, “the pandemic came and took care of it,” she would comment.


She liked it a lot and told me we have to do it together, then the pandemic came and later, she remembered Ángela Aguilar to whom she owed an unpublished song, commented the native of San Luis, Potosí, Mexico.


Did Belinda reject Ana Barbara Angela Aguilar took advantage of it

“I told her: Mommy, you are very active. Would you like to sing ‘In reality? Belinda was doing her things and this song needed to come out… that’s how songs are,” said the famous 51-year-old about Ángela Aguilar.

The tune would be released in 2021 on all digital platforms and quickly racked up 55 million views.

Wow, “Antonio Aguilar’s granddaughter” (“El Charro de México”), would make the best decision that in the end turned out to be a great opportunity for her career, something that the apparent 32-year-old model and businesswoman, Belinda Peregrin Schüll, I wouldn’t see it coming

It should be remembered that at this time, the remembered child actress, who made her debut at the age of ten in productions such as ” Friends x Always ” (2000), “Adventures in time” (2001) “Accomplices to the rescue” (2002), is promoting his next series, “Welcome to Eden” in Spain.

A series that Belinda Peregrín Schüll, born on August 15, 1989, began recording in February 2021, a reason that led her to stay in Barcelona.

Today in the middle of the promotion of this production which intends to be released on May 6 of this year, the “ex-fiancée of Christian Nodal” would continue with the project with the recordings of a second installment

For what he reiterated in past statements, ‘he did not know when he could return to Mexico, although his plans are not to stay in Spain,’ Belinda reaffirmed.

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