Maribel Guardia starts the colorful, beautiful and enthusiastic week

The famous Costa Rican began the week modeling with attitude in a colorful outfit, beautiful and full of enthusiasm to fulfill her responsibilities.

Maribel Guardia Starts The Colorful Beautiful And Enthusiastic
Maribel Guardia starts the colorful beautiful and enthusiastic

The beautiful Costa Rican model, Maribel Guardia, has taken it upon herself to become one of the most beloved figures in the world of entertainment. She is going to make a lot of effort and perseverance, always ready to work on those projects in which she is taken into account.

That is why taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to him now, he has become an excellent influencer, working with all different online stores, which is why he receives different sets of clothes by parcel and is ready to share them with his public.

This time we will address one of the latest posts on her official Instagram, a piece of entertainment in which we could see that she started the week with all the attitude, beautiful and full of enthusiasm, posing in a nice set of colors.

While she was resting in one of her favorite places in her house, on the balcony, a place where she had the opportunity to do various photoshoots to promote these products caught the attention of several of her followers.

That is why, in addition to modeling, the famous takes the opportunity to share the link of the online store, accompanied by a reflective or motivational phrase, depending on the occasion, but this time inviting us not to lose the enthusiasm for living.

Maribel Guardia has an excellent relationship with her followers, for her the most important thing is that they are happy and that they can continue enjoying her company, even if it is through social networks.

We also know that the artist has a presentation as a singer in Costa Rica this coming April 23, a concert with mariachi in which she will surely be giving it her all as always, enjoying the emotion of being in front of her audience in person performing some hits.

Through her stories, she also revealed to us that the new comedy show in which she is participating, “Albertano contra los Mostros”, has broken a rating record, far surpassing the programs that are broadcast at the same time, Maribel no stops collecting achievements.

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