There is an absence of empathy in this world, complains Christian Nodal of the media’s treatment of him.

Christian Nodal As A Fiery Model Poses For The Cover Of Playboy
Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy

Christian Nodal is paying the price of fame. The Mexican singer, tired of the media persecution of the show business that seeks to know everything about his private life, could not contain his anger during a concert in Colombia, in which he said that at 23 years old he has defects and virtues like any human being, but that is not intended to be a role model.

“I am not a good example of a human being, I am 23 years old. The difference is that mine, everyone takes video, takes a photo and you do not take a photo when you are acting like a human being. There is a lack of empathy in this world and excuse me, I needed to use this moment to vent,” he said.

He even assured me that “the media do not love me, but the reality is different. It has cost me a sh*** to reach this beautiful public that I have today and it is not fair that the media just to get money talk sh*t about me, I am not a sh*t human being. I just play my music.” Since his love affair with his colleague and compatriot Belinda ended in February, the Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal has captured media attention for various reasons. Now the heart press is focused on his relationship with the Argentine rapper Cazzu.

Cazzu And Christian Nodal 1
Cazzu And Christian Nodal 1

After a presentation she had in Bolivia, the couple was captured on video when she arrived in Colombia, where Christian Nodal surprised her with a very romantic gift. In a video that circulated these days, they come out holding hands, while Cazzu holds a huge bouquet of red roses. Christian Nodal this week became the first regional Mexican artist to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in its Spanish edition.

The singer of “Botella after bottle” offered an extensive interview in which he talked about one of the core issues in his life, his family, and especially the health problems faced by his mother, who suffered from epilepsy for many years, and his father He carried the responsibility of his entire family on his back. “There was no dad, there was no mom. My parents were my grandparents. Once I wanted to jump from a second floor, thinking it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me: ‘Christian! Kid asshole! ‘”, She referred in the talk with the magazine.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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