Christian Nodal’s Outlaw Tour returns to the United States from September

Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy
Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy

The regional music singer, Christian Nodal, surprised his fans on his social networks when he published the dates of his next concerts in the United States, after giving a series of concerts in Latin America. His tour, which has given much to talk about in recent months, will begin in the city of San José, California, from September to mid-November in the state of Florida.

The countries that benefited from his show were Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico, who were able to enjoy his hits such as ‘They didn’t tell you and ‘We are no longer nor will we be’. Likewise, other countries could not enjoy it, such as Venezuela, since it was canceled in the pre-sale stage, and the city of Medellín, in Colombia.

After his concert in San José, Nodal will be in Fresco (September 16), San Diego (17), Las Vegas in Nevada (18), Ontario (October 6), Los Angeles (07), Sacramento (08), Hidalgo in Texas (14), San Antonio (15), Washington DC (21), Brooklyn in New York (22), Greenboro (23), Oklahoma (28), Kansas City (29), Indianapolis (30), Phoenix ( November 03), El Paso (04) and Dallas (06).
Lastly, Christian Nodal will finish his tour in the state of Florida, starting in the city of Miami on November 11, then in Orlando on November 12, and, finally, in Fort Myers on November 13. Until now, it is unknown if there will be surprise guests because the songs he has made have involved different artists such as Ángela Aguilar, and Camilo, among others.

Christian Nodal in scandals

It has not been an easy year for Christian Nodal, because a few months ago he announced his break with the Spanish singer, Belinda, with whom he had a relationship of more than a year and whom he had asked to be his wife. In addition to the drama that this entailed, he also starred in several hints on social networks with the Colombian J Balvin.

“These people did not wake up joking, they woke up without taking their pills because it is not at all consistent that the bastard has a documentary talking about peace, mental health, vibes, and energy, but in his account that he has millions and millions of energy went up a photo to make fun of me, “he said.

“And there is no right to do those things, you have to use the networks well. This dude hasn’t learned, he kicked you in the ass Residente and you didn’t learn, I think you liked it, ”she said a few weeks ago. The artists had to call each other to resolve their discomfort and make peace publicly.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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