Angélica Rivera’s daughter is being chastised for not shaving her underarms before going out in public.

Sofa Castro decided to retaliate to her nasty attackers after receiving numerous complaints about her lack of armpit waxing hygiene.

Sofia Regina And Fernanda Castro.


People who condemned Fernanda Castro on social media for revealing her un-shaven underarms were proven wrong by her response.

Fernanda Castro, the daughter of former Mexican First Lady Angélica Rivera and producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, recently caused controversy when she shared a photo on her official Instagram profile showing her with her arms up and showing armpit hair in a completely normal attitude. Some of her followers, however, did not accept the photo and criticised it harshly.

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Assailed by a barrage of allegations, La Gaviota’s daughter refused to remain silent and fired back in kind.

When someone asked her why she was elevating her arm so much in the viral photo she posted on Facebook on Wednesday, October 13, she jokingly replied, “Because I smell the atzyla.”

However, as long as the complaints kept coming in, the singer had no choice but to respond.

“Hairs?” I asked. Someone else said “there is the rake and the soap” and assured everyone that “he had seen them in his life.”

When confronted with hateful messages like “Shave” or “What is not shaved?,” Castro made a point of stating his firm response:

When it came to love, “they needed a lot, yet they didn’t need a lot of it.”

Fernanda Castro has been able to gain notoriety in addition to her academic pursuits by virtue of her impressive vocal range, which she has demonstrated in a number of Televisa soap operas, including ‘Médicos, Lnea de Vida,’ where she sang “A corazón Abierto,” and most recently in ‘La Desalmada,’ where she sang “When the sun rises” with Pablo Vámer.


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