Christian Nodal: This is how the tattoo with which he replaced Belinda’s eyes on his chest looks | PHOTO

The Mexican regional singer continues to try to erase all traces of his relationship with Belinda and it is the first time that he shows the tattoo on his chest

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The abrupt breakup of Christian Nodal and Belinda continues to give something to talk about amid strong rumors about interest and infidelity, meanwhile, the singer continues trying to erase all signs of his romance, and this time he showed off the tattoo with which he covered the one that was made on the chest in honor of the actress.

Almost four months have passed since the interpreter of “Botella after bottle” announced the end of their engagement and since then it has gone from scandal to scandal, contrary to this Belinda has handled the breakup with total secrecy, avoiding giving statements about it, although the fans also noticed that the heart tattoo that was made on the ankle with the singer’s initials was covered.  One of the biggest tattoos that Nodal had was Belinda’s eyes that covered a large part of her chest, a few weeks ago she declared in an interview for ” Venga la Alegría ” that she had made a complete design with wings that completely covered it, but he did not provide further details.

It was during life on Instagram to promote the new EP that he showed for the first time the tattoo with which he replaced Belinda‘s looks. It is an eagle whose wings cover it, in addition to two skulls on the sides that have a hat and a plume, respectively.

Nodal’s controversial tattoos 

Last weekend Christian Nodal shared on his social networks details of the tattoo with which he covered the word ” Utopia ” that he had on his forehead, once again, by the “Welcome to Eden” actress. To do this, he traveled to Costa Rica where a 10-year-old girl made one of her new tattoos.

Costa Rican tattoo artist Christian Araya detailed in an interview for “Ventaneando” that the singer contacted him through social networks, where he specified that he wanted a cherry blossom tattooed on his forehead to cover another tattoo. This has a very special meaning for the stage in which Nodal is, as it is associated with the cycle of transformation of life.

“I honestly realized today how much it meant that he got this tattoo. He talked to me, he told me that he wanted a cherry blossom on his forehead and that he wanted Catalina to tattoo him on his hand, “said Araya about the composer’s previous tattoo.

He added that he did not want to charge him for the work he did on his face, since he had already promoted it on social networks; However, Nodal insisted and “pulled out a fistful of bills” that entered little Catalina, in addition to giving them VIP tickets for her concert in Costa Rica.

Christian Nodal: This is how the tattoo with which he replaced Belinda's eyes on his chest looks | PHOTO

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