Christian Nodal makes an appearance and discusses the postponement of his concert in the Valle de Guadalupe because of weather conditions.

For circumstances beyond my control it won’t be able for reasons, here I am with the best predisposition to share my enjoyment with the world.

Christian Nodal.

The Valle de Guadalupe performance has been cancelled as a result of the controversy that erupted last week over the suspected ecological problems on the artist’s property where he was scheduled to perform this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10, the artist was scheduled to perform at the aforementioned location. Why is this so? The official opening of the project. Since last week, the location has been embroiled in a dispute over allegations of deforestation and a lack of forum permits. Rumors spread that Nodal was a partner in this new venture as well.

Christian Nodal and his team wish to let everyone know that the concert scheduled for this Saturday night has been cancelled due to technical difficulties. As a result of this, and to protect the guests’ and artist’s integrity, APM Producciones has made this decision knowing how seriously they have always treated themselves “begins the press release from the artist’s advertising firm, Latin Icons.

And in regards to the debate, they make it clear: “It’s been reported that they’re involved with a new property in El Valle de Guadalupe, but this is wrong. APM Producciones contracted Christian Nodal six months ago for two performances on October 9 and 10, both of which will take place at the aforementioned location. Our artist had previously given presentations using the same production with no problems. According to his staff, Christian Nodal is “simply an artist who was hired for the inauguration,” and has nothing to do with the real estate in question.

They also failed to solve the mystery of the supposed environmental infraction.

To safeguard the public, the artist, and his team, proof is asked, as is done in each contract, at the express request of Christian Nodal and us, his team, for the venue where it will be displayed. APM Producciones’ engineer Pedro Montejo Peterson, who represented the company, submitted the requisite documentation in this instance as well.

Finally, from the same spot where he was supposed to appear both last night and tonight, Christian spoke the following:

“Please accept my deepest apologies for what has occurred. The greatest place for me to enjoy myself in public is right here, but for reasons beyond my control, this will not be feasible… That looked exciting, and hopefully the problem can be resolved soon so we can do our two performances.”

“I’m a ranch boy. I grew up amid trees, plants, and rivers,” the musician said in response to accusations of deforestation and ecological exploitation. Nature is my birthplace and my cradle, and because I am such a staunch environmentalist, I would never allow my name, music, or artwork to be associated with someone who would hurt the planet “‘s a good place to start.

Regarding this and the allegations that he violated environmental laws, Nodal’s team claims that they sought clarification from engineer Montejo Peterson because Christian Nodal and his family are staunch environmentalists themselves.

A portion of ground needed cleaning, and that’s all we did. The concert space, which covers 1.5 hectares, and the parking lot, which covers 2.5 hectares, both received cleaning work. We don’t cut down the vines or plant new trees; everything is just where it should be “‘s a good place to start.

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