More than a month has passed since Mel B of the Spice Girls came down with the coronavirus.

Melanie Brown also known as Mel B.
Melanie Brown also known as Mel B.

Mel B, one of the Spice Girls, has revealed on social media that she has been sick with the coronavirus for nearly a month and has been suffering as a result. In spite of the fact that his ailment isn’t life-threatening, the musician is unable to accomplish anything constructive or mildly amusing, such as planning his yearly trip to the Maldives.

There appears to be nothing to worry about in terms of the British singer’s health, based on an Instagram post she recently made. After five weeks, the vocalist is still dealing with her disease, which has been made tolerable by her dogs and the great variety of television on demand. she has access to during this time.

“In actuality, I’m snuggled up in my bed, going through the final stages of the Covid. Although the coronavirus has only been around for five weeks, it is no joke. When the English artist realised she didn’t have Netflix or her dogs, she took to Instagram with various hashtags to express her gratitude for having “the sweetest hugs,” which she described as Netflix and Netflix and her dogs. The Maldives are where my mind takes me. Ah, what a lovely setting: sunshine and a crystal-clear sea as I am pampered in a home dedicated to me… Mel drew attention to something.


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