Chris Hemsworth sneaks in with a peculiar cameo in Elsa Pataky’s new movie

The Australian actor is also the executive producer of ‘Interceptor,’ which just premiered on Netflix.

chris hemsworth reveals his wife elsa pataky
chris hemsworth reveals his wife elsa pataky

Elsa Pataky is making her debut. This Tuesday Netflix has released  Interceptor, an action movie that marks the return of the actress to the world of acting after several years away from the sets where she has been focused on other life projects such as caring for her children. Within a few hours of being on the entertainment platform, the tape has been placed among the first in the playlists. But, without a doubt, what the public did not expect was to see the interpreter’s husband, Chris Hemsworth on-screen, who, practically unrecognizable by the characterization, has made a small cameo in one of the scenes. With long hair, horn-rimmed glasses, and a tracksuit, she plays Jed, a particular electronics salesman who dedicates himself to encouraging the protagonist throughout her adventure. 

Chris Hemsworth sneaks in with a peculiar cameo in Elsa Pataky's new movie

A fact that bears similarities to real life because the protagonist of Ninette has confessed in a recent interview with the British media Daily Mail that it was her husband who supported her when deciding to resume her professional activity. ”She told me how hard it must have been to put my career aside, too, in a way, to be with the kids. It has been a great help in every way.” Because this time her most important role has been that of the mother. At 45 years old, she is completely dedicated to raising her three little ones, India Rose, Sasha, and Tristan. 10 and 8 years old respectively, since the latter two are twins. Without a doubt, she has managed to form a great Australian home with Liam Hemsworth’s brother, with whom she has been in a relationship for twelve years, being one of the most stable couples in show business. 

This project is even more significant for the couple because, in addition, the Australian actor has served as executive producer on this feature film. An experience of filming in common has united them even more. However, the Spanish artist also had some downside. “He’s my boss and he can be bossy, but he’s been a lot of fun” she explained humorously. 

Although this is not the first time that both coincide in the world of fiction. In  2014 Elsa had to do an emergency job in the Thor saga since Natalie Portman was unable to go to the set to record the final scene because she was in Hong Kong attending to another work commitment. Precisely, this last shot was closed with a passionate kiss in the rain with Chris and there could not be a more perfect substitute for the award-winning actress. Decked out in a wig and signature costume, the chemistry pierced the screen giving viewers one of the most unforgettable images in the history of the Norse god.

This premiere is added to the other projects that the artist has in her hands, who, like other Hollywood stars such as Selena Gómez or Rihanna, has embarked on the world of cosmetics,  bringing her line of products to the market. All of them are of natural origin, so this new company allows her to combine two of her passions: nature, with which she has always shown a very special connection, and personal care because she has explained that she always takes time to be able to perform your beauty routines.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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