Karol G notices this at her concert and scolds fans

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Karol G Sweeps Coachella 2022
Karol G sweeps Coachella 2022

Karol G, one of the most recognized and important urban artists in Colombia, is in the middle of the Bichota Tour in which, with great success, she has traveled not only around the country but also throughout Latin America. However, a conversation with an audience that seemed to be paying no attention to the performance went viral.

In the video shared on social networks, you can see how Colombia’s “Bichota” realizes that some people in a box – one of the most expensive locations in a concert – were sitting and looking at their cell phones.

From what has been seen in her presentations, Karol G likes to interact with the public between songs, either to tell experiences or to ask how they are doing and on that occasion, she did it to graciously claim these people.

“Why are there three people sitting in a box? I do not understand. And talking on the phone? ‘more’, no”, commented the interpreter of “Provenza” while she approached them from the stage. “That probably in any other concert, mommy, but in the Karol G concert and the box? do me a favor”.

After some applause and laughter from the audience and the singer herself, Karol G continued speaking specifically to one of the women who had been sitting: “Don’t make me take her out here and make her dance because then we don’t understand each other anymore.  she is not going to dance here well off, sexy, mommy, bichota ”.

The response of people on social networks has mostly been congratulating the singer for her great charisma with the public and for the quality of the shows she has put on throughout her tour.

Bichota Tour 2022

Karol G’s tour that began in March 2022 in Barranquilla will continue until the end of June and will culminate in El Salvador, after passing through countries such as Mexico and Panama.

However, their concerts do not end there. The singer also announced the start of her Strip Love 2022 tour where she will visit several cities in the United States and Canada.

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