Chris Hemsworth’s body is on display on Elsa Pataky’s Instagram feed, causing a wave of envy

chris hemsworth reveals his wife elsa pataky
chris hemsworth reveals his wife elsa pataky

Chris Hemsworth is not only a great actor who has become known as Thor in the iconic Marvel superhero, but he is also a sex symbol who unleashes sighs wherever he goes with his physique.

The actor is characterized by his muscular body and light eyes, making him perfect for the role of Thor, and he recently surprised his fans with a nude in the new Marvel movie. And it is that in the new movie that premiered on July 6, Thor: love and thunder, the actor has a scene in which he appears naked from behind, which has shocked his fans. Of course, his wife, also an actress, Elsa Pataky, has not stopped commenting on this scene and sparked envy on networks.

Elsa Pataky shows off Chris Hemsworth’s in Thor: Love and Thunder

The Spanish actress, Elsa Pataky, attended the premieres of the film with Chris Hemsworth to support him as she always has.

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Through the networks, she not only made it clear how proud and happy she is of her husband but also showed off this hot scene in the movie. “It is by far my favorite movie of all that Marvel has done. Don’t miss the incredible shot of my husband’s ass, it comes out on July 8th. 🤣😂”, Elsa wrote in the images, unleashing envy and jealousy from the fans who follow her. “Oh, my husband my husband 😒 (envy eats me up 😂)”, “OMG I envy that you are Thor’s wife, whoever you were”, “I really wish I were you, to have that daddy at home all to yourself 😂 ”, and “we already know that he is your husband, don’t you lend him for a little while? haha”, were some of the reactions in networks.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa have been married for over 12 years and have formed a beautiful family with their three children, India, Sasha, and Tristan. Through their networks, they show that they are a fun and very solid couple, who enjoy time together and always support each other in all their projects.

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