Belinda wears Prada loafers for 9 hundred dollars and a hat for 1 thousand 2 hundred dollars

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Belinda continues to break barriers since she is not only having a resounding success with her series “Welcome to Eden”, where she plays the role of Africa and shows her great acting skills, but she also continues to be one of the most trending girls of the moment and as proof of this, the accessories of big brands like Prada that go with the style of the artist.

On this occasion, the interpreter of “Bella Traición” taught us that any outfit that she combines for a casual occasion fits her perfectly. However, she does not skimp on prices. When it comes to wearing accessories,  Belinda knows that it is a necessary investment to have an impact look, although for most the cost of garments such as the hat and moccasins that she used is well outside her budget.

Belinda is a lover of accessories from big brands like Prada

The artist recently shared with her more than 15 million followers on Instagram some photographs where she wears a very aesthetic look, since she is seen wearing a black shirt and oversize jacket, characteristic of that fashion trend that makes her look jovial. and elegant. Something else that she can notice in her photos is her long legs and her white socks.

However, what stood out most about Belinda’s look were the outfit accessories as the singer chose to wear loafers and a  hat from the prestigious Prada brand. Both accessories from the Italian brand are characterized by having shiny crystals that highlight their silver color and contrast with the rest of the garments.

What shines most about these accessories is their price, since Belinda is known for having luxurious tastes. This time she spared no cost. For example, the satin moccasins that have crystals around the surface, except for the brand logo that adorns the strap, are priced at 1,240 euros, that is, around 26 thousand pesos, while the hat, which we might think has a cheaper price, it is sold for about 2,200 euros, the equivalent of 46 thousand 200 pesos. 

Sparkly crystals are the fashion trend in accessories

In 2022 there is a great diversity of trends to combine your outfits. One of those that is regaining strength is the design of accessories with sparkling crystals, ideal for a party or gala event.

The objective of those who wear a belt, headband, hat, or moccasins of this type is to give a touch of glamor to their look to steal all eyes. So several fashion brands like Prada chose to join this trend and clients like Belinda look amazing with these accessories.

Belinda loves Prada and even her dog wears it

It is no secret that the artist has always liked to wear the latest fashion, so she is ready to acquire the latest trends and share them with her fans or at gala events. However,  Belinda also wants her loved ones to look as good as she does, in the case of her puppy “4” of hers.

This pet that the singer added as part of her family, seems to have the same glamor as Beli, because some time ago it was revealed that they had bought her a scarf made of satin with shiny crystals, from the Prada brand.

This accessory, according to the brand page, was purchased at the time for a price of 340 euros, which is equivalent to about 7 thousand pesos. 

Undoubtedly, Belinda knows how to impose fashion, which has led her to become a trend icon of the moment, since her accessories are worthy of the artist’s elegance, beauty, and work.

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