New York: man loses his mother and brother to coronavirus in a few hours

Lloyd Torres lost his brother and mother in New York after being diagnosed with coronavirus and spending a few days in hospital

Man Loses His Mother And Brother To Coronavirus In A Few Hours
man loses his mother and brother to coronavirus in a few hours

New York. [With information from EFE]. A man from Queens in New York shocked the United States after telling that in a matter of hours he lost his mother and brother to the new coronavirus.

As mentioned in the New York Post, Lloyd Torres said a few hours ago that the loss of his relatives has been devastating. ” For those who are walking thinking that life is still normal, it is not, ” said the 49-year-old man.

Torres stated that her mother Lolita, 73, and her brother Louis, 47, began feeling symptoms of the coronavirus at their home in the Briarwood area on April 1.

” [Louis] was in pain, he wasn’t feeling well ,” Torres said . “He started having difficulty breathing, he couldn’t contain the food .”

Torres’s brother was transferred to NewYork – Presbyterian Queens in Flushing. Doctors indicated that she had COVID-19 and pneumonia. It even had to be connected to a respirator.

In a similar situation, Lolita was rushed to the Queens Hospital Center.

After the days passed, Louis’s situation worsened and he died in the hospital last Wednesday. ” His heart stopped. (…) My brother was too young . “

On the other hand, Lloyd Torres’ mother’s health was not good and she died just the day before her brother. ” How did this happen? I just don’t have those answers, “he said.

Torres also said finding a funeral home was difficult for him. ” We called and received very strange responses of ‘no, we can’t’, ‘it’s impossible’ or ‘you have to join a waiting list’ “.

However, after several attempts, he was able to find a funeral service in the Westchester area.

The United States on Friday became the first country in the world to record an increase of more than 2,000 deaths from coronavirus in a single day and exceeded half a million cases, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

The figure of 2,108 deaths across the United States shows an increase from the previous three days, when 1,878, 1,936 and 1,879 deaths were recorded.

Within the United States , the most affected city is New York , which in the last few hours was shocked by images of mass graves on the island of Hart, northeast of the Bronx neighborhood.


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