Coronavirus, patients increase by 2,477 units, in percentage it is the lowest figure for a month. Still 760 deaths

Only 11% of positive people among those who have been swabbed. The healed reach an altitude of 18,278, for an increase in 14 hours of 1431

Coronavirus patients increase by 2477 units in percentage it is the lowest figure for a month. Still 760 deaths
Coronavirus patients increase by 2477 units in percentage it is the lowest figure for a month. Still 760 deaths

ROME – Those of today’s balance sheet on the coronavirus epidemic are given with more light than shadows. The increase in the sick (i.e. currently positive people) is equal to 2,477 (the day before yesterday had been 2,107 and yesterday 2,937). The swabs made today are 39809 , about five thousand more than yesterday. So the figure is positive because even though many more swabs have been made today, the increase in patients is lower: 1 patient for every 8.5 swabs made, 11%, or the lowest figure for a month now.

There are still many, too many, the dead. According to the data of the Civil Protection on the coronavirus epidemic in Italy, in the last twenty-four hours 760 people have died (yesterday there were 727 victims), reaching a total of 13,915 deaths .

The healed reached an altitude of 18,278 , for an increase in 14 hours of 1431 units (yesterday 1,109 people were healed).


The total number of people who have contracted the virus since the beginning of the epidemic is 115,242 (+4,668 new infections detected in the last 24 hours, practically as many as yesterday).

The drop in pressure on resuscitation is very important: “At least from 27 March – said Borrelli – we have seen a reduction in increases with regard to inpatients and intensive care; the latter today show a really contained increase, compared to yesterday only 18 people. All a series of values ​​are stabilizing: I can’t tell you if we started the decrease, I say that we have to keep the measures high, the behaviors, nothing is enough to create sudden mechanisms to restart the infection. I prefer to stay with my feet on the ground “.

Meanwhile, the millions raised in the dedicated current account of the Department of Civil Protection have risen to over one hundred. The exact figure is “101 million and 246 thousand euros, an important figure of which approximately 9.9 million 1.8 only today – recalled Borrelli – have already been spent on the purchase of fans and personal protective equipment”.

And the number of virus-positive doctors and nurses continues to be very worrying: “9.7% of all infected people are health workers, an important number, they need maximum attention and support,” said Sergio Iavicoli, director of the department in medicine, epidemiology and occupational hygiene.

A passage from the press conference was dedicated to the accusation by the Lombardy Region of having received so far only “crumbs” from the Civil Projection: “Out of 45 million masks, 17% have been sent to the Lombardy region”, replied Borrelli.

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