10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip

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nashik e1631115329352

Nashik is known for its dual personality, which is a combination of ancient and new. On the one side, there are gorgeous, historic temples, and on the other, there are luxurious wine retreats that have grown extremely famous. After all, Nashik is known as India’s “Wine Capital” for a reason.

Furthermore, the city’s pleasant weather and vicinity to Mumbai and Pune make it perfect for a weekend escape. If you are planning a tour to this charming ancient city, begin your research with its temples. Nashik has over 100 temples, all of which are located on the banks of the Godavari River.

Here is our list of the top 10 prominent attractions to visit in Nashik to convince you to explore this picturesque destination.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
trimbakeshwar temple

One of the most popular places of worship, Trimbakeshwar, is one amongst the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. People all across India visit Trimbakeshwar to express their faith and devotion. The temple is located at the base of Bramhagiri Mountain and it is one of the best Nashik tourist places.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
dudhsagar falls

Dudhsagar Falls, also known as Someshwar Falls, is one of the most captivating Nashik tourist places that you can visit. Just 9 km away from Nashik Central Bus Station, the waterfall has a height of 10 meters. The best time to visit the Dudhsagar Falls is during the monsoon when everything around the place becomes more beautiful and attractive. Dudhsagar Waterfall is a popular hangout in the area and is one of the most common places to visit in Nashik.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
vallonne vineyard

Vallonné Vineyards is India’s first boutique winery and a vineyard resort that offers a holistic wine experience with winery tours, a boutique hotel, and a restaurant. The estate rests on the gentle slopes of the Sahyadri ranges, washed by the tranquil waters of the Mukhne Lake and overlooking the Kavnai peak, making it an ideal place for vineyard stays and wine tourism. Explore this hidden gem of Maharashtra with ultimate scenic beauty tucked away amid untouched nature. Relish yourself in the serenity of the vineyards.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip

The Saptshrungi Garh is a holy place situated approximately at a distance of 60 KM from Nashik. According to mythology, it is an abode of Goddess Bhagawati. Innumerable travelers and pilgrims visit Saptshrungi every year. The name Saptshrungi means seven mountain pinnacles. There are around 108 water reservoirs on this Mountain, which are known as Kundas and it is one of the popular places to visit in Nashik. One of the events from the legendary Ramayana states that Hanuman carried the herbal medicine for wounded Laxmana from this hill. The best time to visit this place is after the monsoon season. It is not only a divine destination but also a favorite picnic spot.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
harihar fort

Located 48 km from Igatpuri, Harihar fort is an important fort of Nashik district. The fort captures the attention of the visitors because of its peculiar rock-cut steps and its one of the famous Nashik tourist places. There are two base villages of the fort, Harshewadi, and Nirgudpada. The climb from Harshewadi is easier than from the Nirgudpada. A wide, safe trekking path starts from the hill lock north of the Nirgudpada. It passes through the scrub forest till it reaches an open ridge that is connected to the fort. It takes about an hour to reach the scarp of the hill on which the fort is situated. The ascent through the 60 m rock-cut steps is wonderful. It is like a stone ladder placed at 60 degrees along the scarp. Take a thrilling adventurous trek to this fort today.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
vihigaon waterfall

The Vihigaon Waterfall is one of the most alluring places to visit in Nashik. It is based in the heart of the forest, in the Western Ghats. It is so popular for its natural beauty that it has been utilized as a prominent location in several films, shorts as well as features. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon, as heavy rainfall bejewels the panorama. One can also explore the varied flora and fauna around the waterfall and enjoy a picnic amidst the lush green with dear ones. Yet another intriguing fact about the Vihigaon waterfall is that it proffers perfect conditions for rappelling. So if you are an adventurous person, do not miss this opportunity while in Nashik. This experience of rappelling in God’s heavenly creation will leave you enthralled.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
fun world water park

Fun World Water Park, located in Nashik, is one of the most popular amusement parks in the city. Amongst several Nashik tourist places., the park has a plethora of things to offer. There are various rides available for both kids and adults alike where everyone can enjoy a great time. If you are willing to relive your childhood a little bit, be sure to visit the amusement park. Enjoy with your family in this thrilling and fun-loving amusement park.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
arjun adventure park

Arjun Adventure Park is one of the most thrilling Amusement parks in Nashik that never fails to disappoint its visitors and is a complete bang for the buck. It is one of the most happening places in India that has the most unique outdoors, and adventure sports venture that lets everyone chill out and relax. Here you can enjoy almost all the rides by paying for one single package. Some of the rides include the Inflatable Rock Climbing that presents hours of excitement and fun to both the adults and kids, and the Inflatable Bungee Running is like a stem-winding life race. There are other exciting and entertaining games like air-rifle shooting, zip-lining, water zorbing, and ATV rides. Pay a visit to this enthralling adventure park to have a fun time with your kids.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
saraf bazaar

Saraf Bazar in Nashik is one of the busiest markets in the city and attracts hundreds of locals and tourists every day. Though the market is quite compact, it doesn’t deter people from swarming its streets to search for different kinds of items. The glitter of the market blinds you as it is entirely stocked with gold items. You can shop for gorgeous necklaces, earrings, anklets, and arm rings here, and hence you will always find the market to be almost completely filled with women, both young and old. Not only ornaments, but Saraf Bazar also offers utensils made of gold which are perfect for your exquisite collection or as a gifting item for your loved ones. So, if you are in the search of this precious metal while in the city of Nashik, do not forget to visit the Saraf bazaar.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Nashik to Make the Most of your Trip
tibetan market

One of the most famous street markets for fashion in the city of Nashik is The Tibetan Street Market. It is not only a shopping hub but can be defined as a complete destination for entertainment and fun. The market is filled with tiny shops and stalls selling a range of winter wear and woolen clothes like sweaters, jackets, woolen socks, gloves, scarves, caps, and mufflers. Apart from winter wear, the market also offers Western wear and cheap shoes, especially for men. Not only this, if you are looking for some spicy, yummy street food, this is the place to be. There are several stalls selling authentic Maharashtrian snacks like vada pav, sandwiches, pav bhaji, dabeli, and many vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. What makes this place all the more visit-worthy is that all the items are easily available at a reasonable price.

A visit to Nashik is ideal for those who wish to learn more about the spiritual significance of the city. The place would also appeal to history buffs and, last but not least, wine fans. Nasik boasts a broad variety of hotels and resorts suitable for travellers of all budgets. In reality, the city is filled with mid-range hotels that provide decent amenities and well-appointed, pleasant, and comfy accommodation.

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