Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

There are so many incredible and a hoard of the best things to do in Honduras when you visit. Now, Honduras itself is an intriguing Central American country that is pretty off the radar of most travelers. Yes, its home to some of the most amazing Mayan Ruins, beautiful beaches and absolutely fascinating wildlife yet its one of the lesser visited countries in Central America.

West Bay Beach

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

This Beach is the top rated tourist attraction in Honduras, with a coconut palm-lined stretch of white sand and a colorful coral reef just offshore, the area around the beach offers a wide range of accommodations as well as restaurants, cocktail bars, and a lot of shops to buys something for you.

West Bay Beach is surrounded by Second Largest reef barrier in the world, People also enjoy scuba diving their, except this there are a lot of other water based activities you can Enjoy.

Gumbalimba Park

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

It is situated on Island of Roatan, Honduras, you need to cross the rope bridges to reach this park, it is also a botanical garden and animal preserve, home to more than 200 rare species of plants and orchid.

Cool off in the freshwater swimming pool, wading pool, cave, and sandy beach where you can rent kayaks and snorkeling gear, among other attractions. This Park is owned privately, and made up for exploring Botanical and Ecological references where you can learn a lot of different things.

Roatan Butterfly Garden

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

The Roatan Butterfly Garden provides a tropical oasis for boa constrictors, parrots, lush tropical plants and, of course, many beautiful butterflies. The 2992 sq ft walkthrough enclosure features some 30 types of rare butterflies, as well as colorful birds and plants native to Honduras.

This Butterfly Garden of Roatan Island also have wider range of fragrant plants, of which fragrance is used to make Scents and Perfumes by many Big Companies which deals with the perfume category.

El Picacho

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

This is a famous landmark for anyone who’s ever visited the city of Tegucigalpa, which is the capital of Honduras, This mountain sits north of the city affording fantastic views of the entire valley of Tegucigalpa, there is a statue of Christ the Redeemer on the top of the hill, and it is being said that he is protecting the city from the day it is established.

People also enjoys activities like mountaineering, climbing, hiking, There is a National Park named as Parque Unidas El Picacho that is situated there near the hill.

Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

This Bird Park provides the visitors of tourists a very personal encounter with the fascinating birds of Honduras in a stunning natural setting. It is a relaxing, educational and quite memorable experience to remember and cherish on.

This Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature reserve, is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating exotic parrots, toucans and many more kind of Birds.

Museo Para La Identidad Nacional

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

This  wonderful museum in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Tegucigalpa which is the capital city of Honduras, it is a must visit place in the whole country. Its collections of art and artifacts from around Honduras.

It summarizes or we can say that protect the history of the country, and preserving it from a very long time, and all the collections are open for visitors to see, as it is a must visit place in the whole country.

Sandy Bay Roatan

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

This beach on the Island of Roatan is the moist cleanliest and best maintained amongst all present on the island, it is considered as an alternative of West End Bay, this area is a part of Roatan Marine Park Reserve.

This is the best area in Roatan island without high end hotels and condos but close to tourist mecca, and is being visited by a lot of people every year, and is one of the most visited beach of the whole country.

Carambola Botanical Gardens and Nature Trails

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

The Carambola Botanical Gardens offers a perfect place for hiking, wildlife viewing, and scenic photography for anyone needing a break from Beach, visitors can hike to the top of Carambola Mountain for views all the way to Utila on a clear day or simply wander through the tropical rainforest.

Museo de Arqueología Maya

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

It is worth a visit, the exhibits include some of the best excavated ceramics, fragments from the altars and the supports of the Maya ruins, an insight into the Maya’s sophisticated use of calendars and a recreation of female shaman’s tomb. Some descriptions have English translations.

Roatán Cruise Ports

Top 11 Best Things To Do In Honduras

These are located off the Caribbean coast of Honduras and offer access to the Bay Islands and other beautiful beaches to visit and chill on, and aesthetic coral reefs and upland forest. There are two cruise ports in Roatan – Mahogany Bay and Coxen Hole- and even serve different cruise lines.


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