10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip

Kusum Sarovar Mathura
Kusum Sarovar Mathura

Kanpur, the booming city, has a fascinating history in every road and gully and offers a unique blend of sites and emotions. There is a lot to see in Uttar Pradesh’s most crowded city, from religious monuments and historical recollections of the Great Mutiny to fascinating modernized amusement locations. With the number of Coronavirus cases falling rapidly and the lockdown phase winding down, state governments have lifted travel restrictions and are ready to welcome visitors from across India once more. There are numerous top hotels in Kanpur that provide pleasant lodging with all modern services.
We’ve prepared a special guide to the city just for you!! Here is a list of the finest sites to see in Kanpur to help you plan your trip.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
blue world theme park

A top vacation destination among places to visit in Kanpur, the Blue World Theme Park is packed with a number of entertainment choices. Adventure rides, spectacular shows, photogenic fountains and water pools, toy train rides, laser shows, and other attractions within a vast 25 acres enclosure make the Blue World Theme Park a superbly enjoyable day-long getaway with friends and family. Visit this man-made beauty only in Kanpur.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
nana rao park

Nana Rao Park, located near the Phool Bagh area of Kanpur district, is a daily haunt for fitness enthusiasts in the city and among the top tourist places in Kanpur. The place is frequented for morning and evening walks, swimming, badminton, and yoga. Built to commemorate the heroics of Nana Sahib in the Indian war of independence, the park also houses statues of famous luminaries of the Indian freedom struggle, like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Lala Lajpat Rai, Tatya Tope, and the others. Take a visit to this park for a peaceful stroll in the evening.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
moti jheel

Constructed during the British colonial rule, Moti Jheel, surrounded by the Moti Park, is a cherished recreational spot among the places to visit in Kanpur. The banks of the ‘jheel ‘or the lake have been redesigned to serve as a reservoir as well as a scenic outing spot. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urbanscapes, this quiet spot in nature is chosen for picnics and family get-togethers on weekends and holidays. Come and have fun here with your family and friends.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
j k temple

J K Temple, more popularly known as the Radhakrishna Temple in Kanpur, is noted for its unique architecture, blending a number of ancient Indian and modern traits. Built-in 1953 under the sponsorship of the Singhania family who owns J K Trust, this temple today is one of the top places to visit in Kanpur. Visit here to witness the beautiful Radhakrishna statue at the center of the temple and the sublime surroundings of lush green lawns and a small lake with lotus flowers. Visit this temple and behold the divine beauty and charisma of Lord Krishna.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
jain glass temple

The Jain Glass Temple of Kanpur, a regally beautiful structure, was built by the Jain community in reverence to the 24 Tirthankaras of the Jain tradition. Inside the ornate temple, you can find the statues embodying Bhagwan Mahavir and the Tirthankaras under a massive canopy on a marble platform. Just 4 km away from the city center, this temple, among places to visit in Kanpur is an astonishing architectural masterpiece, made entirely from glass and enamel! This is a must-visit place in Kanpur that would engage you in the beauty of its creation.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
japanese garden

About 4 km away from the city center, the Japanese Garden or Japani Garden of Kanpur is another of the city’s beautifully landscaped attractions. You can visit here to take leisurely walks amidst nature, appreciate the artfully manicured greenery, the Japanese-style horticulture, the Feng Shui statues, and the lake with swan boats. You can reserve 2-3 hours to spend at this park. Spend some quality time with your family or friends here.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
kanpur zoological park

Also known as the Allen Forest Zoo, this 76.56-hectare zoo in Kanpur is the largest in all Northern India. Created in a natural forest, this zoo keeps its animals in open or moated enclosures, giving them enough space for expressing their innate biological and physical expressions. The attractions inside this zoo include a diversified botanical garden, a large lake, an aviary featuring colorful avifauna, a night house, an aquarium, life-size dinosaur sculptures, and a toy train. Among mammals, the zoo has leopard, hyena, black bear, grizzly bear, sloth, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, monkeys, langur, baboons, musk deer, zebra, and antelope. Visit this attractive zoological park especially with your family and kids to have a great time here.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
jungle water park

One of the most prominent tourist places in Kanpur to have developed over the past few years, Jungle Water Park has got everything to satiate your thirst for adventure. Settled right into the heart of Chiran Gaon, this beautiful park welcomes you with numerous pools and rides which can be enjoyed by both kids, as well as, adults. Kids love to visit such places as there are plenty of fun activities to perform here.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
sisamau bazaar

You haven’t explored Kanpur in its entirety if you haven’t been to its teeming streets and local markets. One of such places to see in Kanpur is Sisamau Bazaar where you not only get to taste the vibe of this happening city but also get to purchase clothes and utensils at a steal. Also, you are free to use bargaining skills to your favor while purchasing household goods as it is a common practice over here. Come to this market and shop around according to your choices.


10 BEST Places to Visit in KANPUR to Make the Most of your Trip
becon ganj market

Cradled in the Becon Ganj locality of Kanpur, Becon Ganj Market is one of the most sought-after tourist places in Kanpur popular for its trendy collection of fabrics and Indian suits. A lively market named after William Bacon, the British magistrate of Kanpur in the year 1828, it is reckoned as the oldest locality in the city. Becon Ganj is sprawled over 2 Km distance and it boasts a wide number of clothing, jewelry, and apparel stores. Whether you want to upgrade your wardrobe with traditional wear or pick up some trendy accessories, Becon Ganj Market has everything to feed your shopaholic soul. If you want to go shopping in Kanpur, this market is your destination.

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