Xiaomi will launch MIUI Puro, the new function that will prevent the installation of APKs

Soon Xiaomi mobiles will include this new protection function. Find out all the details here.

miui pure xiaomi sistema installazione applicazioni sicuro 2
miui pure xiaomi sistema installazione applicazioni sicuro 2

Although technology manufacturers continue to develop new antivirus software, the threats that we have to face with our smartphones, whether when downloading an app or browsing the Internet, are always present. For this reason, Xiaomi has just launched MIUI Puro to increase the protection of mobile devices.

MIUI Pure is a completely new system installation mode, whose main function is based on preventing the incorporation of malicious applications that could endanger your privacy and technological security.

How will MIUI Pure work?

From what is known so far about this Xiaomi function, it will be the user who decides to activate it or not. And, in case you want to use MIUI Pure on your smartphone, it will be possible to disable the protection at any time.

By having this security mode on our phone, the system will restrict the installation of applications from third-party stores and from unknown sources in APK format. Thus, it will only give the possibility to download and install applications from GetApps, Xiaomi’s official app store in China. This is also likely to be supported on Google Play.

At the moment, the first ALPHA version of MIUI Pure will be released on September 6 on the MIUI China ROM. In addition, it is very likely that it will end up being deployed in a stable way through MIUI 13, the future layer of personalization based on Android.

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