WhatsApp: what is the true meaning of the white heart emoji?

Find out if you are using the white heart emoji correctly in your WhatsApp conversations. Its true meaning will surprise you.

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This WhatsApp emoji is available on iOS and Android. Photo: LR composition

With 2 billion users, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used instant messaging service in the world. For that reason, the platform always seeks to provide the best to each of its users, such as the wide variety of emojis from different categories: people, nature, food, objects, places, symbols, and flags.

These emoticons have become a fundamental part of chats and conversations, whose objective has always been to communicate what we cannot express in words. One of the most used emojis is the white heart.

In WhatsApp there are 12 hearts of different colors, therefore, each one has a different meaning. In this sense, according to the Emojipedia website, the white heart has a meaning that is not related to romanticism and love.

The icon can be used among friends and in a friendly way to talk about spiritual issues or emotions that relate to it: peace, harmony, wholeness, calm, hope, or temperance. It also serves to express the opposite of the black heart, a symbol of mourning for the loss of a loved one.

The popular white heart emoticon was approved as part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019 and added to Emoji 12.0 in 2019. It is also important to know that despite having the same encoding, each platform, whether on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, can Vary the layout of each emoji to suit your operating system or interface.

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How to put music in your statuses?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app used to share photos, videos or make video calls. But that’s not all, it also has a ‘status’ section that allows users to post messages for 24 hours.

Thanks to a ‘trick’ shared by a YouTube user, we will be able to place our favorite songs in the WhatsApp statuses. If you want to know how to do it, then do not hesitate to review the following video that is all the rage on the networks.

WhatsApp how to send photos and videos that are deleted after the receiver opens them?

WhatsApp has just received an update that brings with it one of the most anticipated functions by users. The beta version of the app, available on Android devices, already allows you to send photos and videos that are automatically deleted after the receiver opens them.

As detailed by Wabetainfo, beta testers who download WhatsApp version will be able to use this tool. It is worth mentioning that other services, such as Snapchat, have already had it for some time.

WhatsApp: so you can change the font to 120 different fonts

WhatsApp is still the most popular of all the applications to communicate, but even so, there are still many users who are unaware of most of its secret methods. A great example is this trick that allows you to change the font in chats. How to do it? Here we describe it to you.

Although there are several applications on Google Play that will help you get a variety of sources to surprise your friends when you send them a text message. Here we present one in particular: Stylish Text, which is completely secure, easy to use, and also does not require your personal data to function.

How to easily transfer TikTok videos to your WhatsApp statuses?

  • Open the TikTok application on your cell phone and search for the video you want to download
  • Once located, save it in the ‘favorites’ section
  • Later, go to the ‘Me’ tab, in which we will configure the privacy to ‘Only Me’ so that the clip to be downloaded can only be seen by you
  • Then, you will need to go to the draft options to find the previously saved video in favorites.
  • Select the clip. You will get the ‘Publish’ function, which we will have to press.
  • As the last steps, you will have to go back to the ‘Me’ tab and choose the padlock option on the right side.
  • Choose the video and finally, we click on ‘Save video’.

And voila, you will have already saved the video you wanted to share in the multimedia gallery of your mobile device, so that you can publish it later on your social networks, such as in the WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp and its ‘communities’ function that will imitate Telegram channels

WhatsApp groups revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends, family, classmates, workmates. However, there are other applications known for their ease of bringing people together through groups and communities. For this reason, the messaging service is already working on functionality that will be similar to the Telegram channels.

According to the specialized portal WABetainfo, in a new update of the WhatsApp beta, new details of its ‘community’ functionality have been revealed, which will be a private place where group administrators will have more control over their groups in the messaging app.

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