WhatsApp: what does emoji with a heart face mean?

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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Have you talked to someone on WhatsApp and they have sent you an emoji with a heart face? We explain what it means.

The use of the emoji with the face surrounded by a heart has a meaning, the people who use this emoticon want to represent a person in love, although it also has another use in WhatsApp.

The heart emoji, according to Emojipedia, can express a variety of happy, joyful, and affectionate feelings.

It can also mean affection that you have received from a person.

Another use represents the well-known meaning of ” falling in love “.

It should be noted that the position of the hearts in the emoji can change since their designs vary regardless of the platform.

The emoji with hearts has the name “Smiling Face with Hearts” and it was added in the Emoji 11.0 update in the year 2018.

So now you know what the emoji with hearts means and it depends on the person who sends it to you on WhatsApp, it will represent different emotions.

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