WhatsApp step by step procedure to create a shortcut on the lock screen of your smartphone

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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WhatsApp is the most important instant messaging application for users in the world, despite the existence of alternatives such as iMessage, Telegram, Signal, among others.

This leads many users to have certain considerations about this app that are different from other applications. For example, facilitating shortcuts.

It is very possible that your WhatsApp icon is in a quite conspicuous place to access more easily.

Now, can you imagine making that access even easier? keep reading, especially if you are an Android user.

Enable shortcut on the lock screen

Access to applications with the lock screen is very limited, but they allow easier access to some functions, among which is WhatsApp.

The step by step to enable it is:

Step 1: Enter the Settings of your cell phone.
Step 2: Find the Lock Screen section.
Step 3: Look for the ‘Shortcuts’ or ‘Shortcuts’ button.
Step 4: Two options will appear: ‘Shortcut Left’ or ‘Shortcut Right’.
Step 5: Choose the preferred one.
Step 6: Then all the apps on the cell phone will appear.
Step 7: Choose WhatsApp and tap on ‘Done’.

This way you can reply to a message that appears on your lock screen without having to unlock your mobile phone.


In the event that you want to reply to messages on iOS devices that have the screen locked, the mechanism is a bit different, you must:

  • Touch and hold or press firmly on the message notification to bring up the keyboard.
  • Enter your answer and tap Send.


  • Quick Reply is available for iPhone 6s and later.
  • You may need to adjust your Haptic Settings by going to Settings > Accessibility > touch > Haptic Touch > Touch Duration.

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