WhatsApp: new images of the reactions of the browser version

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Meta, the company behind WhatsApp , Facebook, Messenger, and other social networks, is always working on new tools to improve the user experience. A few weeks ago, it was leaked that the company was working on reactions via emojis in WhatsApp, which will reach the browser edition.

As expected, many thought that it would be exactly the same as the Messenger version, where you have to press and hold the message to react and a menu with different emojis simply appears.

However, the WaBetainfo media has shared new images of the turn they will give to the tool. Basically, in WhatsApp Web, a smiley face will appear on the left.

This indicates that when you press it, some default emojis appear to be able to send as a reaction to your contacts. Remember that this is not a message itself, but is attached to the bubble.

For now, it is not known if an extensive menu will open with all the emojis or it will simply be limited to the following: thumb, heart, laughter, surprise, tear and prayer. We will have to wait for a WaBetainfo report to learn more about how it works.

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