WhatsApp is working on a Drunk Mode: How does it work?

A relief for those who take an extra drink.

WhatsApp is working on a Drunk Mode How does it wor
WhatsApp is working on a Drunk Mode How does it wor

With more than two billion users worldwide, Meta knows that there are many types of people using WhatsApp, including those who occasionally have an extra drink or beer.

The problem is not taking too much beer, but what we do under the influence of alcohol and all the consequences that may come later. For example, how many times have we made a mistake by sending the wrong message, to the wrong contact, or to a person we really didn’t want to say that to?

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It happens a lot and there are even campaigns in different parts of the world where they insist on not using the phone while you’re drinking, to enjoy the moment and not regret later for a chat the next day.

For these types of cases, WhatsApp has not left its users unprotected and has come up with a glorious idea: a Drunk Mode. Just as you read it, or drunk mode, by its original name.

How does Drunk Mode work?

While it is true that there are already applications that block the smartphone or certain apps to restrict its use for a scheduled time, WhatsApp’s Drunk Mode goes beyond that.

According to specialized sites such as WABetaInfo, the drunk mode would be able to identify when the user had too many drinks, even with measured levels of drunkenness.

By identifying the user’s status, the feature will make them believe that their phone is still working properly. In addition, the tool would be capable of delaying the sending of text messages in the app, as well as multimedia content and voice notes, according to ADN.

The idea of ​​WhatsApp Drunk Mode has already been patented by Meta, so it is very likely that the tool will reach its other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

The drunk mode is still in testing and there is still no implementation date for both the Android and iOS versions, as well as the reactions.

WhatsApp is finally working on a new version that offers more reactions for a future update of the application, which makes the tool even more complete.

Now, in addition to the thumbs up, heart, crying, laughing, surprised face, or folded hands emoji,  the company added a plus (+) button, which is understood to lead to a menu with more options to choose from the ideal reaction. for a message.

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