WhatsApp: how to send messages through Android Auto

Android Auto has become a useful tool for those who spend several hours behind the wheel, so we detail how to send WhatsApp messages from this mechanism.

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Android Auto is a useful tool for those who spend many hours behind the wheel. Photo: Xataka Android

The cell phone should not be manipulated when we drive, as doing so is distracting and can cause serious accidents. However, there is a way to use the mobile phone as long as it is done using hands-free technology, using voice commands. Although it is advisable to wait in a safe place where the vehicle stops to send messages, talk on the phone, or manage the GPS.

To send important messages by WhatsApp we have the Android Auto alternative, a program that many vehicles already incorporate into their system. An Android extension, but designed to be safe behind the wheel. This highly functional mechanism allows you to follow a route or listen to music without taking your hands off the wheel. Here’s how you can send messages.

First, Google can read the WhatsApp messages that arrive on the cell phone if you request it by saying “Google, read my messages.” With this, they appear as notifications, although the easiest way to consult it is by touching the WhatsApp icon.

This button is equivalent to the option to “send a WhatsApp message” and the rest of the process is done through Google Assistant. Thus, it tells you to mention the recipient of the message.

After that, you must dictate the message to the Google Assistant, and before sending it, the Assistant will read the message and ask you to confirm. In case of accepting, the information will be sent.

The previously explained method is useful for writing to someone with whom you have not had recent contact because the WhatsApp screen in Android Auto reflects the conversations with messages that arrived while Android Auto was operating.

To respond to a conversation there are several alternatives to follow. On the screen, if you touch a conversation, the Google Assistant reads the messages. At the end of the reading, they will ask you if you are going to answer. Next step you must dictate the message and then confirm that the Assistant has understood you.

Finally, each time you require the Google Assistant to read pending messages, it will ask you if you want to reply to each conversation. The process for the most part does not condition you to pay visual attention, which allows you to avoid distractions. In fact, it is not possible to review the message history, only the newest is shown.

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