WhatsApp: How to know who has saved you among their contacts without them knowing

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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Whatsapp Limits Forwarded Messages So They Can Only Be Sent Once To A Group Chat
WhatsApp limits forwarded messages so they can only be sent once to a group chat

For many, deleting phone numbers and contacts is part of closing cycles. It is to stop counting on some people with whom you no longer speak, who moved away or that, simply, you no longer want to have on your list. Neither in WhatsApp nor in the phone book.

However, sometimes one or another memory can arrive, a feeling of nostalgia or the desire to want to know about someone, a loved one with whom we have not spoken for a long time. We may be able to get your number from a common third party, but is it possible to find out if that person still has our phone saved?

Fortunately, WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application in the world, has some tricks that can improve the experience of its use. One of them is a way of finding out who has added our number to their address book, even though they are not registered as a contact in our teams.

The app does not have a specific option to tell you which people have added your phone number, but there is a small procedure that could be recommended on some occasions.

The trick to know who has saved you among their contacts without them knowing

To perform this trick, you need to create a broadcast list. On Android, you must click on the three vertical points located in the upper right and choose “new broadcast”, while on iOS the option is visible in the chat window

The broadcast lists are used to send messages to several contacts at the same time, indicated by users for serving as “chains” or unwanted messages.

When creating the list and choosing the contacts, with the limit of 256 numbers, only those who have your number saved in the phonebook will receive broadcast messages.

Once you’ve sent the message, you can wait a day to make sure all recipients have read the text. Then, click on the message and click on “ info ”. There, you will be able to see which contacts received the message, including people who are not in our address book but who do have our number saved.

While this trick is safe to use, you will be sending a message that can be annoying to other people who hate chain or broadcast list messages, for which they might even report you.

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