What happens to WhatsApp after November 1st, and why you shouldn’t be concerned

WhatsApp by Facebook
WhatsApp by Facebook

It is one of the most searched subjects on the internet in Italy. Most desired and repeating, as evidenced by a short Trends search (graph below): once every 4-5 months, we worry a lot about what will happen to on November 1, only to forget about it and then worry again. And, more specifically, to conduct a search on the Internet.

Now, maybe as a result of the two recent collapses in which the popular messaging app was a victim, we are in a period of heightened concern. Also, the deadline of November 1 is quickly approaching. Okay, but what happens to WhatsApp after that? Almost nothing.

Google Trends: last year’s searches for “WhatsApp November 1”


There is no support for Android cellphones older than ten years.

What occurs is that, as WhatsApp has been announcing for some time, the software will no longer run on Android smartphones that have reached the version 4.0 of the operating system (from 4.1, no problem). It is called as Ice Cream Sandwich, and Google first introduced it on October 19, 2011, exactly ten years ago.


That is why we said that almost nothing will happen on November 1st, and why you should ignore the apocalyptic headlines you read on the internet and on social media: the phones involved are quite old, and there are very few of them, especially in our nation. Similarly to those who have reached Gingerbread and are unable to access their Google account.


For those who have one, we recommend the same thing WhatsApp does for its users: “We welcome you to switch to a supported smartphone.” To stay up with the times, as well as from the standpoint of IT security.



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