What does it mean and when should you use the emoji of the face with a closed mouth on WhatsApp?

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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emoji e1645944861914

Exchanging emojis on WhatsApp is a simple and fun practice because it makes it easier for users to express emotions that can become complicated with words. The mobile application includes an infinity of smileys to send to another contact, however, there are a large number of emoticons of which we do not know their true meaning. Do you want to know what they really express? Here we tell you.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 emojis that can help you make your conversation less boring, one of the most shared on WhatsApp and other messaging apps is the face with a zipper on the mouth.

This emoticon is depicted as a yellow face with simple, open eyes, as well as a closed mouth. The best thing about this icon is that it is available in all versions of the messaging service; that is, on Android, iOS and desktop.

According to Emojipedia, a portal specialized in the interpretation of emoticons, this emoji usually conveys a secret or that someone will keep it. It can also be used to tell someone to stop talking.

The popular WhatsApp emoji was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. It is important to note that despite having the same encoding, each platform can vary the design to suit its operating system or interface.

WhatsApp receives the function to add contacts with QR codes on Android phones

Through the WABetaInfo portal, it was announced that WhatsApp would receive the new function that allows users to add contacts using a QR code. This long-awaited feature was only available in the iOS beta. However, a recent report indicates that it can also be used on Android phones.

WhatsApp had recently enabled support for QR codes in the latest iOS beta updates in TestFlight and this Friday WhatsApp is officially rolling out the feature to all Android beta testers.

How to convert WhatsApp audios into text messages

Thousands of users have been surprised to learn that there is a secret method that allows us to convert the audios sent to WhatsApp into text messages. This brilliant trick can be of great help when we are in class or in a work meeting and we cannot reproduce the voice notes that come to us.

For those users who want to know the content of voice messages without having to listen to them. We explain the incredible trick that you must apply to transcribe into a text what has been sent to us on WhatsApp in a simple and freeway.

See the statuses without your contacts knowing

Do you want to see any WhatsApp story without being discovered? In the application, there is a simple trick that will allow us to spy on the status of your friends or partner without them knowing and it works for both Android and iPhone.

Very few users know this, but to achieve this it will not be necessary to install any additional application, you just have to enter WhatsApp and then Settings < Account < Privacy. There disable the read receipt.

WhatsApp: how to install the messaging application on an unsupported phone?

The WhatsApp application is compatible with most cell phones that are available in the market. However, there are exceptions that apply to certain devices in which the service can be enjoyed even though they do not have the App Store or Play Store in their system, or because the device itself is not compatible.

When this type of case happens, it is believed that the problem goes beyond compatibility and a supposed error in the mobile is presumed. However, as a last resort, there are APKs, a file with an extension that simulates the Android operating system.

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