TikTok Tries Its Own Video Sharing Feature Similar To Twitter Retweet

It is an option to share content with all followers by sending specific publications.

Tik Tok
Only available for clips that are located in the 'for you' feed. Photo: TikTok

TikTok is the platform that has completely revolutionized social networks. The mechanism that links the content with the profiles and the great diversity of videos that are available to millions of users makes them stay in the app for several hours. In that regard, the service is testing a new feature that bears similarities to Twitter’s retweet.

More and more people in the world enjoy spending time on TikTok, and content is shared between profiles through direct messages.

However, now the corporation is testing a new tool with which a profile is able to ‘repost’ a clip for its followers, a formula that has coincidences with the one incorporated by Twitter.

The alternative consists of a button that resembles the Twitter retweet and performs the same function: send the video to friend accounts on the social network. So far it is only available for clips that are located in the feed ‘for you’, those that appear randomly either from followed or strange accounts.

In the event that you want to share a video that was found from the search engine, the option will not be found.

By selecting the ‘share’ button, the application will send a message verifying that the action was carried out and will be visible to followers. In addition, comments on said content can be added.

The tool has not been enabled for all accounts, so it is still in the testing phase.

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