Social networks: know how to publish your review of the year 2021 on Facebook

Facebook will also allow you to share your personalized card in the daily posts feed until the end of the year.

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Social networks: know how to publish your review of the year 2021 on Facebook

As usual, every December we have to review everything that has happened during the last 12 months, to see the best of the year and recall unique moments that will be marked in our lives. There are certain social networks, such as Facebook, that collaborate in bringing these memories back, through a video that summarizes everything that has happened in our personal account.

Recently, users were able to enjoy Spotify Wrapped, with which they met and shared their musical tastes in the music application; Now, if you have the blue Meta platform, from this Sunday, December 12, you have the function of creating your video-summary from the web or on your mobile device.

If you still don’t know how this dynamic works, check this note so you can learn to create your own clip and show off with your contacts all the good, funny, and curious that happened to you in 2021.

How to create your summary video on Facebook:

To view, edit and share the summary of the year we will follow these simple steps

  • Access
  • If we want to edit the video before sharing it, we will click Edit.
  • Once finished or if we do not want to edit, we will click on Share.
  • We will click Publish.

It should be noted that, if you have edited the video, Facebook will send you back to the initial place where you selected the posts, images, or videos so that you can correct if you have made any type of error in your compilation in order for your publication to be just as you want.

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