So you can download all your Facebook and Instagram photos without losing them

instagram facebook together
instagram facebook together

If you want to save all the photos you have placed on these social networks to your computer or USB, follow these steps carefully

Taking photographs is one of the great passions of many people, whether or not they are image professionals. With the appearance of smartphones it has become more common to share all types of photographs internally on computers or through Facebook and Instagram.

Over time, you may want to recover the photos you have shared on social networks. If that is your case we show you a guide to recover the images.


There is no direct way to download Facebook photos, unless one is done one by one, right click and select “Save image as”.

However, since not long ago the popular social network allows you to download a copy of our information and it includes images and videos.

To do that, you must go to Facebook / Settings / Your Facebook information / then select Download your information.

In this menu you can mark and unmark what you want to download. In this case, only photos and videos. In addition, it is possible to indicate the type of content quality.

Finally, click on “Create file” and you can download it.


In the case of Instagram there are two ways to download the photos: to the PC or Mac from the web or in the mobile version is Android or iOS.
From the web you should go to the official Instagram / configuration / Privacy and Security / Download data page. Then click on data download.

Once there, the user’s email address will be requested to receive the data download in which the photos and videos are found.

From the Android and iOS mobiles the process is identical. Configuration / Download data / Request download. The email address must be indicated.

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