Six Jobs That Will Disappear in the Next Few Years Due to AI

Jobs That Will Disappear in the Next
Jobs That Will Disappear in the Next

The appearance of autonomous vehicles caused fear. Thinking about a scenario with cars that are capable of turning on their own left did not seem to end in an optimal future, as it would endanger the lives of pedestrians and many motorists. Years later, advances in the industry proved otherwise, transferring the real threat of the invention to the workplace, where millions of jobs are affected by artificial intelligence.

The main novelty of the current labor scene is that the services sector, without a doubt the one that most progressed during the last decades, traditionally presenting itself as synonymous with advanced societies, is undoubtedly the one that is now most threatened. Following a study carried out by the University of Oxford in which 700 occupations were evaluated, these are some of the most outstanding professions with the worst professional future.

Waiters and bartenders

Oxford estimated that the chances that these jobs disappear are neither more nor less than 77%. Some fast food chains have already chosen to replace a large part of their staff with machines from which customers directly place their orders. Will these stores continue to have the same customers without being served by human beings?


No doubt that the excellence of a dish is due, in large part, to the touch of the chef. In most restaurant chains, recipes are already stipulated. The only work of the workers is to simply reproduce them. People are making fewer and fewer purchases in physical locations and almost all e-commerce companies expect to grow during 2018.

There are, according to Oxford, an 81% chance that much of the work in the world of ovens and kitchens end up being automated.

Security guards

The British university estimates that this occupation has an 84% chance of disappearing. Transactions are developed (increasingly) in a virtual field and many of the products and services that are acquired are also less tangible.

The word “security” therefore sounds strongly in the present as an occupation within the computer world. On a daily basis, however, there are fewer security guards in establishments where they used to be a constant, such as bank branches.


The rhythm of life implied that people are less willing to move to physical places to make their purchases. Online sales also make it possible to compare prices, in addition to faster delivery services. Bad panorama, therefore, for the dependents of all the life, whose positions have a 92% of possibilities of disappearing according to the data that manages the institution of English superior formation.


Two hotels, the Yotel in New York and the Henna-na in Nagasaki are starring what may be the new era of automation in the world of hospitality. Robots that receive guests 24 hours, autonomous carts that carry luggage and personal assistants to control the cleanliness of the rooms.

The University of Oxford estimates that there is a 96% chance that most occupations will disappear.

Bank employees

After the mergers between entities and the automation of services through Internet and applications, the profession of banking employee occupies the first position among those likely to disappear, with a 98% chance that most of the posts end up being performed by computers.

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