Danny Boyle quit the James Bond franchise Here is the list of Prospective Directors who are likely to be Approached

Bond 25
Bond 25
Danny Boyle quit the James Bond franchise Here is the list of Prospective Directors who are likely to be Approached
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After the news that Danny Boyle will no longer be the director of “Bond 25”, The Guardian has released a list of directors are supposed to replace this important position.
David Mackenzie is famed for his psychological thriller, acting as a top nominee to replace “genius” Danny Boyle in the Bond 25 blockbuster role. David Mackenzie Big win with movie nominated for Best Picture – Hell or High Water (2016). He is also behind the crime drama Starred Up (2013). However, his name is often associated with low-budget films instead of commercial blockbuster investment of $ 100 million.

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Denis Villeneuve: French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is considered a potential heir to Danny Boyle because of his similarity in filmmaking. His science fiction film Arrival received eight Oscars, including Best Director in 2016. In 2017, he also made a mark with the film Blade Runner 2049. Alongside that, Denis Villeneuve was also very successful with commercially successful critically acclaimed action films such as Sicario (2015).

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Joe Wright: Like the likes of Sam Mendes and Marc Forster, Joe Wright was also honored with franchises such as Atonement, Hanna, or Darkest Hour. He is a credible director and his works are highly box office merchants. In addition, Joe Wright previously expressed interest in directing the spy thriller as James Bond. Many expect Joe Wright to bring “pearl” Saoirse Ronan, who is often attached to him to blow a new wind for Bond 25.

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Kathryn Bigelow: According to the Daily Mail, Bond 25 may be the first film directed by a female filmmaker. Kathryn Bigelow is famous as the cool female director of various genres of film. In it, she reaped many successes with action, horror and war films. The Hurt Locker earned Kathryn Bigelow the Academy Award for Best Director. In particular, as the high-feminist and feminist movement in Hollywood, the selection of a female director for the hit movie 007 will be a positive move for public opinion.

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Jaume Collet-Serra: Since the 2005 remake of House of Wax was rated beyond public expectations, the Spanish director has built his reputation spreading to Hollywood. . Collet-Serra would be an interesting choice for Bond 25 because he had a completely opposite style to Sam Mendes or Forster. He is also behind commercials like Unknown (2011), The Shallow (2016) and The Commuter (2018).

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Yann Demange: Although not known in Hollywood, but with the fans of the crime drama series Top Boy (2011), the name Yann Demange is not so strange. French filmmaker Yann Damange also makes it easy to score with the producers thanks to good relationships with the stars. White Boy Rick’s upcoming movie, starring American actor Matthew McConaughey, will be released in the near future.

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Ben Wheatley: With a primary focus on low-budget, low-budget film, Ben Wheatley is the least likely option on this list. However, if selected, many believe that Ben Wheatley will bring a new adventure for the 007 series, building Bond 25 in the direction of action, psychologically adding sensational elements, fighting. The 46-year-old British director is best known for his epic “Kill List” (2011), a psychological thriller for the thriller Empire. Ben Wheatley’s other films, such as High-Rise, Free Fire, or the Down Terrace TV series also earned him a public eye.

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