Microsoft Teams will allow small groups to meet in virtual rooms

Together mode in Microsoft Teams required at least five participants in a video call, but can now be used by more than two people.

Microsoft Teams will allow small groups to meet in virtual rooms
Microsoft Teams will allow small groups to meet in virtual rooms

A year ago, amid coronavirus pandemic restrictions that pushed communication across digital platforms, Microsoft Teams introduced the mode together in an effort to help video call participants feel more connected.

This is a function that uses artificial intelligence to place all the members of the meeting in a shared wallpaper, which gives them the feeling of being seated in the same room with the rest of the people .

In this way, it is possible to obtain a more immersive and close experience compared to the mosaic view that is available in all videoconferencing platforms and that is one of the most used.

Currently, accessing the mode together requires a minimum of five attendees. However, Microsoft has now begun beta testing the possibility of reducing the number of required users to just two.

At the moment, the new capability is available through the Microsoft Teams Developer Preview developer program. However, the company is expected to roll it out on a stable basis for all netizens within the next few weeks.

How to activate Microsoft Teams together mode?
If you want to access Microsoft Teams together mode for fewer than five people, follow the steps below to activate support:

1.Enter the Microsoft Teams application
2.Click on the three-dot icon (⋯) located next to the profile photo
3.Click on < Developer Preview (developer preview)
4.Select the switch to developer preview option .

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