Microsoft calls to regulate technology for facial recognition

The company affirms that it has refused to provide this technology in situations that involve “risks to human rights” and calls on the US Government to address the issue

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

Microsoft urged the US Congress to regulate the use of facial recognition technology to protect people’s privacy and freedom of expression.

It is the first great technological company to raise serious warnings about a technology increasingly requested to recognize the face of a person from a photograph or by means of a camera.

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said in a blog that the government should form a bipartisan commission of experts.

Smith said that Microsoft, which supplies this technology to some companies, has already rejected some customer requests to place it in situations that involve “human rights risks.”

A Microsoft spokeswoman declined to provide more details on what opportunities the company has missed due to ethical issues.

Smith defended the contract that the company has with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, and indicated that it does not include facial recognition.

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