Learn this Whatsapp trick to put a Christmas hat on the application icon

Do you want to give a Christmas look to the WhatsApp logo? Then you must know the simple trick of the application that is all the rage on social networks.

This WhatsApp hack only works with Android phones. Photo: Phonehouse

Just a few days to get the Christmas and therefore these dates lovers looking to give it a Christmas touch to everything that surrounds them. In this sense, it is necessary to know the WhatsApp trick that has gone viral on social networks and that allows users to modify the traditional icon of the platform for one that has a Christmas hat. To have this fantastic design you don’t need to download anything strange on your phone. How to do it? Here we tell you.

It is worth noting that this trick can only be used by those who have a cell phone that works with the Android operating system. In case you have an iPhone or another Apple device, unfortunately, you will not be able to use it. If you meet this requirement, then you have to follow the following steps:

How to put a Christmas hat on the WhatsApp icon?

  1. First, you must go to Google and look for a WhatsApp image with his Christmas hat.
  2. Make sure the image has a transparent background and is in PNG format.
  3. Enter the Play Store and download the Nova Launcher application.
  4. Once installed, Nova Launcher will ask you to customize the new interface that your Android will have.
  5. You will notice a small change on the screen, it is even possible that some apps move, you will have to reorder them.
  6. Press the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds, until a small window appears with the Edit option
  7. Thanks to Nova Launcher you will not only be able to change the name of the app, but also its icon for the image you saved at the beginning.

That would be all. Once you have saved the changes, the WhatsApp icon will have been modified, it will no longer be the traditional one, now it will have a small holm oak Christmas hat. If you don’t like how it turned out and want everything back to how it was, just uninstall Nova Launcher.

WhatsApp how to send photos and videos that are deleted after the receiver opens them?

WhatsApp has just received an update that brings with it one of the most anticipated functions by users. The beta version of the app, available on Android devices, already allows you to send photos and videos that are automatically deleted after the receiver opens them.

As detailed by Wabetainfo, beta testers who download WhatsApp version will be able to use this tool. It is worth mentioning that other services, such as Snapchat, have already had it for some time.

How to put music in your statuses?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app used to share photosvideos or make video calls. But that’s not all, it also has a ‘status’ section that allows users to post messages for 24 hours.

Thanks to a ‘trick’ shared by a YouTube user, we will be able to place our favorite songs in the WhatsApp statuses. If you want to know how to do it, then do not hesitate to review the following video that is all the rage on the networks.

WhatsApp: so you can send giant emojis in your conversations

Unlike stickers, the emoji of WhatsApp are smaller and come preloaded with an instant messaging application. You may not know it, but there is a method that allows you to enlarge them and use them in your chats. Do you want to know?

This secret trick is available to all users, no matter if they have an Android or iPhone phone. If you want to try it to surprise your friends, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

How to put videos in your statuses?

If you usually share WhatsApp statuses, but only publish photos, then you will be interested to know that there is a secret trick with which you can post small videos that will be visible for 24 hours, then they will be automatically deleted.

If you want to know this secret trick and leave all your WhatsApp contacts speechless, then all you have to do is follow the steps shown in the following video, which has thousands of views on YouTube.

WhatsApp: so you can change the font to 120 different fonts

WhatsApp is still the most popular of all the applications to communicate, but even so, there are still many users who are unaware of most of its secret methods. A great example is this trick that allows you to change the font in chats. How to do it? Here we describe it to you.

Although there are several applications on Google Play that will help you get a variety of sources to surprise your friends when you send them a text message. Here we present one in particular: Stylish Text, which is completely secure, easy to use, and also does not require your personal data to function.

How to easily create stickers?

WhatsApp allows us to create our own stickers with any photograph or image that we have saved on our smartphone. To create quality stickers we can use either of these two applications.

The first is called Sticker Maker and is available for Android and iOS users. This application is very simple to use and you can choose any photograph you have on your phone, it can be your friends, work colleagues, family, etc.

The second app is called WSTicK and it offers you tools to erase the background of photos or cut their size. Its free version allows you to save 16 stickers per package, but its paid version supports up to 30.

WhatsApp: hide the ‘online’ and ‘check’ blue with this secret WhatsApp Web trick

Write it down. If WhatsApp is known for something besides being used by millions of people in the world, it is definitely for bringing more than one ‘secret trick’. Now you can stay connected in the app without showing yourself ‘online’ and read messages without leaving the blue check without touching your Android or iPhone, all thanks to a method only possible with WhatsApp Web. Are you interested? We reveal it to you here.

This ‘secret trick’ is very useful, as it allows you to remain ‘invisible’ within WhatsApp without having to deactivate the option to show status, which would force you not to be able to see if others are also connected.

Recover accidentally deleted conversation

If for some reason you deleted a WhatsApp conversation with very important photos and videos, then you have to know that there is a very simple trick that will allow you to recover them. Next, we are going to show you how.

The secret trick, which few people know, only works if the WhatsApp user made a backup of the instant messaging application. If you meet this requirement, feel free to review this video for more details.

WhatsApp: this trick allows you to send audios with the Spanish voice of Loquendo

WhatsApp is a trend in social networks, because, thanks to a curious trick, you can now send audios with the Spanish voice of Loquendo, the mythical computer program that, a few years ago, became fashionable on YouTube. Thousands of netizens used it to create various videos: from makeup tutorials to creepy creepypastas. Do you want to know how to send a message using this sound synthesizer? Here we are going to teach you all.

One of the requirements to send this type of audios is to have an Android cell phone. In case you have an iPhone or another device developed by Apple, you will not be able to do it. If you meet this condition, you must enter the Play Store and look for an application called La Voz de Zueira. Once installed on your computer, you will have to give it the necessary permissions so that it can function normally.

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