iPhone 13 would come with better cameras that would offer portrait mode for videos and filters

The color and contrast enhancement system of the iPhone 13 cameras would allow adding filters to certain parts of the same image. Photo: Xataka

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The set of cameras of the iPhone 13 would be the main feature of the next Apple phones, which would allow adding filters using artificial intelligence.

In the next few weeks we could have the presentation of the iPhone 13 . The new range of Apple smartphones have been the protagonists of several leaks and today is no exception. A report reveals some of the main characteristics of its cameras .

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist, published a report in the aforementioned medium where he explains in detail everything that the iPhone 13 cameras will offer , lenses that would be far superior to those seen in the current generation.

According to the journalist, Apple would have focused on improving the lenses of their mobiles to take them to a more professional phase. Because of this, the sensors will have ProRes and will offer portrait mode for creating videos.

Features and functionalities that are superimposed on what we have in the current generation of ‘Apple’ terminals, since it shows us that the iPhone 13 will be a more versatile team. In addition, as Applesfera points out, these phones will have a smaller notch.

This would be the cameras of the iPhone 13
The report published in Bloomberg mentions that one of the improvements that the ProRes format for video will provide will be something similar to what we saw with the ProRAW format for photographs on the iPhone 12. That is, the clip productions will be much more professional, but they will occupy considerable space on the device, although they do not specify how much they will weigh.

On the other hand, Gurman highlights that the new Apple smartphones will have screens with higher refresh rates than the previous ones and will have an A15 processor inside. However, it highlights that the cameras section will be the highest point.

To the ProRes recording would be added the option of being able to use the portrait mode in the videos, although this has already been seen in FaceTime within the beta of iOS 15, as well as the function of blurring the background of the shots.

This functionality, at the moment, is called Cinematic Video and will be compatible with the depth sensor of the iPhone 13 to provide that effect. Also, it is possible that Apple may update its system for enhancing the color and contrast of photographs.

This system would allow the user to choose between different effects to apply them to the photograph. The owner will be able to choose between different filters, as it happens now, but the novelty will be that these can be added to the different parts of the images using artificial intelligence.

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Written by Leena Wadia

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