Microsoft Loop: the new collaborative work tool in the Office suite

The new platform is for teamwork projects. In addition, it will be included as an app in Office.

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Microsoft's new collaborative tool seeks to achieve a more fluid way of working among several participants. Photo: xataka

Remote work made many people look for new ways to continue to carry out group tasks remotely in real time. Like other companies, Microsoft also developed its own app called Loop, a new option designed exclusively for collaborative work with files and Office tasks.

Loop shows the components used in editable dynamic blocks that can be shared with other connected users. It has three organizational elements:

The components: designed to keep content dynamic between multiple apps where multiple people work at the same time. These can be notes, tables, or lists that are in sync with each other.

The pages: these are canvases to organize the components and extract other useful elements, such as a kind of whiteboard where you can add and share the files.

Shared spaces: they allow you to see all the elements of a project to be able to classify which are the most important and which are the progress of each member.

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In addition to all that, you can also connect with OneNote, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. They can be updated live with the modifications that all participants are making. The main objective is that regardless of the type of information that needs to be worked with, any group of people has a commonplace to collaborate.


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