If you do these things you can lose your WhatsApp account

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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WhatsApp is the most popular instant communication platform in the world where many users exchange messages from mobile devices or computers.

Although many do not believe it, WhatsApp has a series of rules that if you do not comply, you risk losing your account forever.

If you think that WhatsApp does not have any type of limit, then keep reading that you will find recommendations from the instant messaging platform itself.

Practices that you should avoid if you do not want to lose your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp points out the different activities that you should avoid:

  1. Spam messages: If a contact asks you to stop sending them messages, you should remove the contact from your address book and refrain from contacting them again.
  2. Automated or bulk messages: Do not send mass messages, automated messages or automatic dialling with WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and user reporting to detect and ban accounts that send spam automated messages. Also, do not create accounts or groups in an unauthorized or automated way, or use modified versions of WhatsApp. For more information on how WhatsApp prevents automated and bulk messaging abuse.
  3. Use contact lists that are not yours: Do not share phone numbers without the consent or use data obtained from illicit sources to send messages to users on WhatsApp or add them to groups.
  4. Excessive use of broadcast lists: Messages sent via a broadcast list will only be received when users have added your phone number to their contact list. Keep in mind that frequent use of broadcast messages can lead people to report your messages, and we ban accounts that report multiple times.
  5. Collection of personal information: Avoid extracting information from WhatsApp at scale, using an automated or manual tool, for any unauthorized purpose. Acquiring user information in this way, including phone numbers, user profile photos, and WhatsApp statuses violates our Terms of Service.
  6. Violating our Terms of Service: As a reminder, our Terms of Service prohibit, among other things, posting falsehoods and engaging in illegal, threatening, intimidating, hateful, and racially or ethnically offensive behaviour.

If you carry out any of these activities, you are more likely to suffer a suspension requested by a third party report or by WhatsApp itself.

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