How to know when a contact is using WhatsApp Plus

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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Whatsapp Plus
whatsapp plus

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of the widely used application today. The appeal of this version is that it has more features than the main app, even though it looks and works similarly.

Many users have adopted WhatsApp Plus on their Android phones, although its use is prohibited, even the WhatsApp company could block the accounts of the people who use them.

It is likely that some of your contacts are using it and you may not have noticed it, which is why this time we want to show you certain tricks so that you can identify when someone has this unofficial version of the messaging app installed.

You can know when someone is using WhatsApp Plus

There is no method that tells you precisely when a person is using WhatsApp Plus, but there are certain features that you can take into account to find out.

  • The first clue is the sending of emojis that do not appear. This is certainly a clear sign that this person is using said unofficial version. WhatsApp Plus has different emoticons that do not appear in the official version.
  • Another feature is when you notice that the read checks only show in blue when the person answers, otherwise it will stay as unread.
  • And the one that could be the clearest of all is when the contact never shows up online, even though they reply to your messages. It is important to clarify that this function must be activated, something that not all users do.

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