Hide yourself online status on Instagram while using it

Instagram Hide
Instagram Hide

If you want to know about the private life of a specific person or public figure, then the social network  is the one for you. From the aforementioned platform, you can also upload photos, videos, and stories that you will share with the users who follow you; However, if at any time you want to disconnect from everyone and just enjoy the application, perform this simple trick that we will teach you below to hide your connectivity, it means that others will think that you are not online.

As in other instant messaging platforms such as , Telegram, or , Instagram also informs you of your contacts when you are online or when was the last time you used the application for the day. This will no longer be a problem because there is a trick that will allow you to hide everything we just mentioned without installing additional applications.

It is important to clarify that it is a configuration that has been available on Instagram for a long time, but millions of users still do not know it because it is hidden. In addition, the function is compatible with both Apple’s iOS and ’s Android operating systems.


  • First, make sure that Instagram does not have a pending update from the Google Play or App Store.
  • Now, press your profile photo located in the lower right.
  • Then, press the three horizontal stripes on the upper right side, several options will be displayed and you must choose the one that says ‘Settings’.
  • In this part, tap on the ‘Privacy’ section and then on ‘Activity status’.
  • Finally, deactivate the option ‘Activity status’.

Ready, navigate without problems on Instagram and your followers will not realize that you are active, but, if what you want is to go unnoticed, the best thing is that you do not open a chat or conversation that betrays you. To reactivate the connectivity status, just follow the same steps.

Having trouble logging into Instagram? Is your account hacked, suspended, or blocked? Do you need help to activate your account? You can solve all these questions and more inconveniences with the application in the help center, just click here.


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