How to block unwanted calls on your smartphone?

If you are already tired of being called to sell you a product or make a joke, it is time for you to block the numbers so that they cannot call you… Take note!

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How to block unwanted calls on your smartphone?

We have all suffered from those annoying calls from people who want to sell us a product or service, or calls from banks that try to sell you a service. Of course, you cannot be absent who only gave your number by “mistake” and now they want to charge you what the other person did not pay.

To avoid these annoying situations, the best thing you can do is block calls from those numbers. Avoid getting angry and wasting time with these interruptions, at we explain how to block calls from your cell phone, whether it’s Android or iOS.

How to block unwanted calls from iOS?

If you have an iPhone, follow the instructions below to block incoming calls:

1. Open the Phone app. Where you can call, view the call log, and enter your voicemail.

2. Select the “Recent Calls” option.

3. Locate the number you want to block and click on the information icon that comes to the right.

4. Scroll down the menu. There you will find an option in red that says “Block this contact”.

5. The system will ask you if you are sure that you no longer wish to receive calls or messages from that number. Select “Block Contact” again, and you’re done.

6. If for any reason you made a mistake, you can unblock the number by following the steps above. Just instead of clicking on “Block this contact”, choose “Unblock this contact”.

How to block unwanted calls from Android?

Android offers several options to block incoming calls, depending on the model of your smartphone.

1. Click on the Phone icon, where you press to dial.

2. Select the number you want to block.

3. Once inside, click on “History” or “Detail”.

4. There click on the three dots that may appear above or below your screen.

5. Choose “Block” or “Add to Blacklist”.

To see the numbers you have blocked, go back to the main Phone screen, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner. There go to “Settings” or “Filter”. Select “Blocked Numbers” or “Black List.” Here you can also unlock.

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