Android: 4 paid apps that are free for a limited time

All the apps on this list have a cost, but you can get them for free for a short time.

Android 1
All four options are free to download for a short time. Photo:

Google Play has made available to its users a list of titles, including apps and video games, which can be downloaded for free for a short time on mobile phones.

Among the options available are games of different genres, such as shooter and puzzle, and calculation applications, and mp3 player.

Android 2
Here We Provide You With Some Alternatives Available On Google Play. Photo:

1) Zombie Age 2 Premium: Shooter

A premium game, free of advertising banners, where you find yourself in a world infested with undead and that you will have to eliminate with the few supplies you have. With seven unique game modes, 17 characters, a unique design style, and a large number of missions available, Zombie Age 2 awaits you with many hours of fun for you and your friends.

Android 3
Zombie Age 2 Premium: Shooter

2) The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter

One of the most downloaded simulators, where you will have to find out about the most secret object in the world The Lost Lands. A video game where you will face a wide variety of dinosaurs and you will have to overcome the necessary challenges to survive the fight.

Android 4
The Lost Lands

3) Temperature Converter Pro

This version unlocks the advanced options of the application, without advertising and with better tools. This option allows you to convert the temperature into different units of measure.

4) Pro Qamp – Mp3 Player – Music Player

A powerful music player for Android systems, with a 10-band equalizer, Sound Boost amplifier, bass boost, stereo balance, and preset playback modes.

Android 6
Pro Qamp – Mp3 Player – Music Player

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