How do disappearing WhatsApp photos work?

You can send photos or videos that will be deleted from the chat after the recipient opens them; they will not be saved in the recipient’s Photos section


For the meme or to gossip with a friend, to avoid saturating a work chat… a photo that can be viewed only once can have many benefits. Whatsapp thought of the moments when we dream that a photo could be shared and seen only once.

To have more privacy, since the last update of the instant messaging app you can send photos or videos that will be deleted from the chat after the recipient opens them. In order to use it, you must have the latest version of WhatsApp on your electronic device.

Important points

  • Files (photos and videos) will not be saved to the recipient’s Photos & Gallery section.
  • Once you send the media file and it opens, it cannot be viewed again.
  • You may not forward, save, or share files sent to you in this way.
  • You will be able to see when the recipient opens the photo because “Open” will appear in the place where you sent the photo as a read receipt.
  • Every time you want to send a photo or video as a temporary file, you have to hit the “1″ before clicking the send button.
  • If the file is not opened within 14 days, it will be removed from the chat.
  • Single view files can be restored from backup if the message was not opened at the time of creation. If the file has already been opened, it will not be backed up.

Whatsapp remembers to send files to people you trust since the recipient will be able to do the following:

  • Capture or screen record before the media file disappears (you will NOT be notified if you capture or screen record).
  • Take a photo or video of the file with another device before it disappears.
  • The files may be stored on WhatsApp servers for a few weeks.
  • If a recipient would like to report a file, WhatsApp has certain instructions to start the process.

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