Google Photos: How to find all similar images to free up space?

If you are lacking storage in your Google Photos account, this trick will allow you to gain more gigs of space.

Follow these steps to free up space on your account more effectively. Photo: Google Photos

If you are an avid user of the services offered by Google, you are surely familiar with Google Photos. The platform is focused on storing your favorite photos or videos. However, the app will stop providing free services, which means that Photos’ unlimited space will soon be a memory.

Now the company offers 15 GB of storage, which it shares with Gmail and the Google Drive cloud. In case you need more gigs, you will have to pay to expand the size of the available space. However, another option is to delete files periodically, something we can help you with. Here we will explain how to perform this manual activity more quickly and automatically.

The trick has to do with an interesting tool called ‘More like this’, which will allow the identification of all the photos similar to the one you select so that you can manage your images and videos with a single movement.

How to use the ‘More of this’ button in Google Photos?

  • First of all, activate the drop-down menu through the three vertical dots located in the upper right part
  • Now, select the magnifying glass icon labeled ‘More like this
  • When you do this, Google Photos will show you all the similar photos. For example, if at that moment you find yourself looking at the photos of your dog and you press this button, the app will scan all your files in search of the most similar ones.
  • Ready! Once the search is finished you can press the ‘Delete’ option and free up space in your account

Remember that the platform tells you how many gigabytes you have left in total.


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