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The Harder They Fall: about Netflix’s most watched movie

The film starring Regina King, Idris Elba and Jonathan Majors recreates the classic atmosphere of the Wild West, with a mostly African-American cast

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The Harder They Fall: about Netflix’s most watched movie

The Harder They Fall ( The Harder They Fall ) is a western that plunges into that world with almost no laws or rules other than those imposed by each man in his place. With a mostly African-American cast, the film tackles the issue of racial discrimination by far. But it’s a clear message that, in this case, Netflix is giving the world: enough of movies starring handsome white men on horseback and damsels in distress. The world changed, even to review history and reflect scenarios far from today.

The first scene shows us back to the villain of this story, Rufus Buck ( Idris Elba ), who enters a house where a couple is about to have dinner with their little 10-year-old son. The mysterious man is recognized by the father of this family and murders him. The story of revenge will be taken by little Nat Love ( Jonathan Majors ) when he grows up: he will search even under the stones for the man who cut off the possibility of being happy.

The story of both central characters will come together when the band of outlaws that accompanied Rufus in his robberies and crimes manages to free him from prison (one of the best scenes in the film that takes place on a classic Western train). This ruffian is accompanied by his right hand, Trudy Smith (an impeccable Regina King ), who will give her life to rescue her leader.

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Idris Elba Represents Rufus In Harder Will Be The Fall

The cards are played and the confrontations between Nat begin, seconded by his girlfriend and partner in arms Marie Fields ( Zazie Beetz ), and the band of the fearsome Rufus.

In the film, directed by the British Jeymes Samuel and with a duration of 140 minutes, all the spices of the western appear (do not let the viewer recognize them). This is how the saloon (the classic cantina), the brothels, the sheriff with the hat and the badge on his vest, the church in the background, the women in long skirts and bonnets, the gunmen, and the inevitable cowboy chewing tobacco on his side. The atmosphere is perfect (even the arrival in the town where only white people live and indeed all the buildings are of that color), and you can breathe that slow time before a confrontation with guns in the middle of the dust and the streets without sidewalks.

The harder the fall will be is an original and different proposal that perhaps only Netflix can afford to show. His intention, apart from entertaining, is to make this journey into the lives of those who were born with no chance of anything other than being criminals and being outside the law. But beware! These outlaws have codes and feelings, and each of the bullets fired by their weapons is nothing more than witnesses to the poor childhoods that each one of them went through.

The backbone of the film is the search for revenge and justice in the face of so many tricks that both protagonists went through. It could be worn in the Wild West as well as in the farthest future. Because whenever it is, family love is the essence for good development in adulthood.

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Jonathan Majors Is Nat Love In Harder Will Be The Fall, The Netflix Western

Majors’ performance is correct although he does not quite detach himself from his role in Lovecraft CountryRegina King’s case is to reward her forever. Her flexibility and her waistline to perform any type of role are evident in this western where she plays a woman who experienced violence and heartbreak and found in this gang of criminals the way to survive.

The harder the fall will be is a film that entertains and shows us, once again, that the world cannot be divided between good and bad but that it is much more complex.


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